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February 02 2018

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A stunning abandoned villa in Italy. Check out the link for more from here….

Villa Mint

January 17 2018

November 28 2017

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On we go with this tiny but very charming factory building not so far away from us. It stands mortally wounded on the main street of a small town. Although it’s been abandoned for years with several ways to get inside, there’s almost no vandalism and a lot of beautiful natural decay.

Abandoned factory, Germany, April 2016.


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Gas mask scatter. Pripyat Elementary School. [1024x1536]

Source: http://imgur.com/NIBONQx

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Barber Chair, Eastern State Penitentiary, PHI (3803x5696)

Source: https://i.redd.it/b0fg4fs0tbbx.jpg

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An organ in the corridor of an abandoned chateau in France [1024x683] [OC]

November 22 2017

#MisanthropeSolo - My Hunger


I’m tired of her before it’s even started. I should be excited, thrilled; the way her body arches when I run my fingertips over her soft skin. But I’m hardly paying attention to the lithe naked frame stretching out in my bed, moaning my name ever so softly. She’s just another sorority girl. I won’t even remember her name. Nor will she remember mine, or anything about our nonrecurring encounter.
She’s a means to an end, for a hunger that can’t be sated; hasn’t been sated for so long, that I doubt it ever will. It became a constant unrest of mind, always leaving me searching, craving for the next kick, like a drug addict. But the longer I live, the harder it is to believe that this drug exists.
I stopped searching for it a while ago. This girl? Just a habit. It’s what I do, what I’m good at. And it’s at  my whim whether she gets to live another day in this cold world or not.

Her clenching flesh drawing me in and her pleas for more leave me unaffected. Not even her screams and whimpers as sharp fangs tear her throat open at the top of my ecstasis can change that. And when the rush subsides, the silence returns. I don’t tolerate the liveless body spread out next to me for too long. Carelessly I shove her off the sheet; her body drops to the floor with a thud. It wasn’t real. It never is. No matter what those girls believe, when that dark and handsome stranger approaches them. No matter the words they hear; and I know quite a few. It’s all lies. I know what  they want to hear, but in return they give me nothing. They don’t fill they void, soothe the pain or silence the demons that taunt me every day, every night, for the rest of eternity.

A thought lights up the numbing darkness. A faint source in the distance. And since my mind is blissfully blank moments after the climax, I entertain this delusion and let my thoughts roam. They bring me back to that day in Atlanta. Usually a familiar place, nothing special about it. But this day was indeed special.
She was there.
And it gave this place a whole new meaning. What started out as some sort of revenge - I admit that much - turned into a pleasant memory I’ll cherish for quite some time. Maybe forever. Despite my initial motive and the outcome of said day, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed myself. And I enjoyed her company. I didn’t compel her, because I wanted to push her limits. She needed to let go of a few things and I know my brother would have never been able to cause that change of mind. I had no idea what this might turn into…

While I think of it, alone in my quiet room, not even another heartbeat next to mine, the voices hush for a moment. The void is no longer empty and all-consuming. The hunger… waits, listens, changes its direction. There is a hint of… a feeble light shining in the dark. Something. And it banishes the shadows, exposing a small part of what is not meant to be exposed. And what I see, feel, remember, it hurts. But for nothing in the world I want this glimmer of light to be gone.
The longer I think of it, the further I reach inside to get a hold on it, trying to cling to it and draw it up to the surface, the more it hurts.

I shake my head no abstractedly. An unintended movement, causing the pillow beneath my head to rustle quietly. And in a flash the thought is gone. But not quite. It is still lingering in the back. Just the pain… is gone. Drawing a deep breath to focus back on what’s real, I begin to wonder what this moment of weakness was about. She’s my brother’s girl, but that’s not even the point. My intentions are clear and as soon as I’d get into that tomb I’d be gone. Screw my brother and his little human girlfriend. Even though, for a human she is quite alright. I could indeed find a few of Katherine’s character traits in her. And even more. Maybe she isn’t the worst company in the world. Maybe her compassion is indeed sincere and not just a sham to get information.
Her joy in Atlanta seemed sincere to me.
Fatigue is weighing down on me and my eyes fall shut. Maybe I start to understand this feeling. What we had in Atlanta was real. She wasn’t compelled to enjoy herself and my company. All of it she did willingly. And for the first time this insatiable hunger abated. I felt almost at ease. Content. Something all the pleasurable, but compelled company never did. For one day I didn’t feel alone.

~end of solo~

November 10 2017

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November 09 2017

No, YOU’RE crying



If you just needed something nice today, here it is.

November 08 2017

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This makes me want to play Dear Esther again…

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Hold my fucking hand, loser. We’re using the buddy system for the rest of our lives.
— How I’m going to propose  (via keepmywhiskeyneat)
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Frozen Fountains via ckylptyrasculpture


Craving a road trip featuring rain, good music and small town diner stops.

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mount tamalpais - may 2015 


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