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June 19 2017


reblog this with the first celebrity crush you remember ever having in the tags

May 17 2017

My favourite part of scrolling through Tumblr,

is all the beautiful photography, art and writing… then the occasional horny dude that posts porn, so I randomly get gifs of women with cocks in their mouth.

Stay classy, Tumblr.

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*googles number i dont recognize calling me instead of answering*

May 12 2017

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Chef Who Makes Edible Piece of Art: Sushi Shoes

Yujia Hu, a Chinese chef born in Italy and now based in Milan, has combined food and fashion together in a beautiful blend to present the world with his latest culinary creations, sushi shoes.

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How did they miss the opportunity to call this Shoeshi…

May 11 2017

I don't care enough about Tumblr to check my notifications...

But hey, I’ve been here for six years and have nothing to show for it.



when your pxs dick pig friends are reblogging fresh aidan gillen pictures all over your dash but he doesnt have any facial hair or a cape so he’s not doing anything for you 


More for us, then.





The only acceptable open mouth chewing…







fidget toys but every time neurotypical people misuse them at inappropriate times it gets faster 

How can someone misuse a fidget toy? Are they using it as ammunition in a slingshot? Are they pressing too hard and breaking it in two? Are they trying to eat them? I need to know how someone can use a toy wrong.

I love my spinner ring and fidget cube, but I would be considered neurotypical" given the time of my diagnosis and the fact that I’m not medicated. Am I misusing them?

“At an inappropriate time.” I’m confused about when it’s inappropriate to use them…

You know they could help neurotypicals give up smoking, stay calm in a stressful situation, or even just cheer up and have fun. Like, if they’re disturbing a classroom or some shit I can see that being annoying, but you can do that with a pen and a good throwing arm - and it doesn’t matter if you’re neurotypical or not, someone with a mental health issue or a “legitimate” reason to have a fidget toy could lob something across a room at someone just as easily. People need to stop blaming it on the toy or the alleged (you honestly don’t know for certain that these people are neurotypical) demographic of the person, and start saying X isn’t an appropriate way to behave in a situation, or blame it in teachers who ban things because someone used them to do something annoying rather than simply explaining to that person that X was not an appropriate behaviour for the situation.

~ Vape

I’m pretty sure most people who are mentally ill would like to see any kind of behavior that helps them normalized. If everybody is using these things then nobody is gonna see an individual with one and think something must be fucked up with em. It’s seems the only kind of people who would take offense to this are those who use their mental illness as like a personality type and want to draw attention to it.


Also, fuck right off to anyone who is bothered by me playing with my fidget cube… in that situation, it’s keeping me from punching you in the mouth for being an asshole.

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My first fond memory. Still alive.

May 10 2017

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She lived.

She loved.

She was here.

Lexa Kom Trikru will forever be my commander. 


that mental illness feel where you’re tired as shit but you wanna stay awake as long as possible for some ungodly reason


game developers (todd howard) who design areas where you can fall in the water (todd howard) but there is no clear way of getting back on land (todd howard) should have to take a minimum 6 month course on level design (todd howard)

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Petyr displaying dominant behavior
→ requested by anon


May 09 2017



Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

famine, death
war, pestilence

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Emotional And Expressive Photographs Showcased By The NYC Dance Project

Fashion and beauty photographer Ken Browar and dancer and photographer Deborah Ory are the founders of the NYC Dance Project have explored the world of dancers intimately through their lenses, documented in a book called the Art of Movement. 

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May 03 2017

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…This is the Pokemon I got out of my bathbomb… I have no fucking clue what this is…

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A new bathbomb I’m going to try. Apparently there’s a Pokemon inside…

May 02 2017

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Can’t wait to go home, nap, adult for a bit… Then probably work on that art piece for @hazelcoonagh … I feel so bad it’s taking so long.

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One of the best cosplays I saw this last weekend. 😍😍 #MegaMan #ccee2017 #calgarycomicandentertainmentexpo #comicexpo #calgarycomiccon #ccee #cosplay #nerds

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